Intervalometer AC/DC Conversion

Here is my Fotga Timer Remote Removable Shutter Cord for Olympus that I purchased from Amazon along with the Buck Converter that I picked up from eBay which I used to convert my Intervalometer, (Timer), to run on either a AC or DC instead of the standard 2xAAA batteries.

The first image below the Intervalometer as it came & the Buck Converter beside it, this gives a good indication of the Buck Converter's size.
In the second image where I have opened the Intervalomter, it's very easy to see that the Buck Converter is almost exactly the same size as the 2xAAA battery compartment. This was great news for me & was what I had hoped for.
Olympus LBH-1 Lithium Battery Holder Olympus LBH-1 Lithium Battery Holder
Here's the Intervalometer stripped completely of it's internals getting ready for a little fine fettling with my Dremel to remove the battery connection & locating points on the plastic body after careful marking out.
Olympus LBH-1 Lithium Battery Holder

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