Camera Power Pack

While I was waiting for my small project enclosure to arrive I couldn't resist trying out my setup so far.

Using the constant current trim on my buck converter I set the output amps to the cameras specified 1.5A.
This held very stable so I was very happy with that.

I initially had the output Volts set at the specified 7.2V but was finding that this was too low allowing for the drop off under load and the camera kept telling me 'Battery Low' before switching itself off.
After increasing the voltage by steps of 0.05 at a time, I found a stable minimum working voltage of around 8V under load.

It was then that I realised the holder I was using is designed to take 3 CR123A batteries, each of which is 3V.
So this holder and its incorporated controller is meant to run at a higher through put than the 7.2V that I had originally tried.
With that in mind I was not as nervous as I initially was when I started to crank up the power.
Without load the output from the converter was 8.06V and then it dropped to 7.99-8.0V when I turned the camera on.
The the input power supply I am using for testing is a 240VAC to 12VDC 3AMP unit which is the actual one I'll use in the finished project whenever I have access to mains power.
When I am away from mains socket I will be using one of the 12VDC cables with cigar lighter adapter as listed on Page 1.
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