Camera Power Pack

Battery Holder with female panel connector installed
Olympus LBH-1 Lithium Battery Holder Olympus LBH-1 Lithium Battery Holder
The panel connector fits perfectly into the ready made slot of the holder after removing the sprung plastic tab and with some minimal filing, also not using the supplied sprung washer.

I soldered a wire from the centre pin of the panel connector to the prefitted positive battery tab at the holders main contacts end & from the panel connectors outer tab to the prefitted negative battery tab at the end of the holder closest to the female panel connector.

I made sure to keep and not damage the holders inbuilt circuit board, this is needed to tell the camera that a battery is in deed fitted, amongst other things.

After checking I had made good connections via continuity, I filled around critical points with hot glue for security and then super glued the lid of the holder to its base.

I then cut off the cigarette lighter adaptor from one of the two cables I had bought and replaced it with one of the 2.1mm male plugs.

I have left the regular 2.1mm male plug on the end of this cable at the moment and will test its security, (firmness of connection), over time. I can change it to a lockable version in the future if I find that it tends to slip out under certain conditions.
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