Flat Field Panel

Foamboard pocket complete Apeture cutout
Image 1 shows both sides & bottom surrounding the perspex and forming a pocket where the LED panel can be slid in & out. Perfect mating joints are not really needed here as all of this will eventually be covered.
You can see in the image that a piece of foamboard is missing along the top edge of the perpex and this is a tricky part to do.
I very carefully measured this piece & cut it out, then I measured & cut the foamboard that would eventually become the front section of the Flat Field panel.
Firstly cutting a circle of 280mm diameter centrally in this front piece with a circle cutter, this diameter allowed me 10mm overall above the actual outside diameter of the OTA, I then hot glued the perspex top piece in place on the back of the panel's front section.
Then it was a mad rush applying hot glue to all the mating surfaces of the pocket as well as on the perspex itself in order to attach the front section before the glue cooled.

The 2nd image shows the almost finished panel with aperture cutout & I also hot glued a fabric handle to the back of the LED panel to ease pulling it out from the foamboard pocket.
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