Flat Field Panel

LED Light Panel on foamboard Foamboard backing with sides & bottom fixed
Due to the aperture size of the scope I built this Flat Field panel for, my CPC9.25, which is 235mm but then actually measuring to the outside diameter of the OTA is 270mm, I had to use an A3 LED panel & larger A2 foamboard.
In the 1st of the above images I initially lay the LED panel on the foamboard to check for fit & mark for length and width. The foamboard I have laid the panel on will become the back panel of the Flat Field panel.

The 2nd image shows the back board with the side & bottom retaining pieces hot glued into place, the LED panel fits very snuggly between the side pieces.
My intention all along was to create a pocket from foamboard that the LED panel slides in to.
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