Flat Field Panel

The more I got involved with Astrophotography, the more obvious it became that I was lacking in the necessary equipment to produce even a reasonable image in my own eyes.
I was able to see 'dust bunnies' on images I had taken of the Moon & Sun.
I could also make out vignetting on some of my images.

To resolve this, the use of Flat Field images is required & there are many ways to capture Flat Field frames ranging from securing an old T-Shirt over the aperture of the OTA & then using a even light source, i.e. a white laptop screen, to illuminate through the T-Shirt to give a diffuse light or to purchase a ready made Flat Field generator.
The former would cost next to nothing & can produce reasonable results, the later can be prohibitively expensive for the aspiring amateur.

I am not going to go in to detail here about how Flat Field images work or what camera settings are required when capturing them, there is masses of info out there on the web & as for camera settings, well, everyone seems to have their own take on that. You'll just need to try a few & find your own comfort zone.
To this end and after reading many online blogs where people had constructed their own Flat Field generators, I decided it was about time I built my own.

Parts List

  • Voilamart A3 Ultra-Thin LED Copy Tracing Board Dimmable Brightness Micro USB Power Artcraft Animation Drawing Stencil Pad Panel Illumination Light Box
  • from Amazon

  • Foam Board A2 (420mm x 594mm) White Moutning 5mm Thick Foamex Foam Sign Display Model PVC Sheet Foamboard Backdrop Craft (5 Sheet Foamboard)
  • from Amazon

  • 3mm Gloss Opal Acrylic Sheet A3 420 x297 - Persepx Light Box LED Diffuser Plastic
  • from Amazon

  • 5m White D profile Weatherbar Draft - EPDM Rubber ROLL STRIP Draught Seal and Foam for Window or Door
  • from Amazon

Please see the next pages for a description & images of the build.
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