Hello & Welcome

This website is dedicated to a few of my many, many interests.

I have had a long love affair with Photography, it gives me goosebumps to think that the images I am capturing will be frozen in time forever.
When I look at old photos of people all I try to imagine is what they were thinking during the shot, what they did next, whatever happened to them and did they ever realise that someone would be looking at their images decades, if not a century or more later.
I am not a professional and I just capture what I like & what I like is quite eclectic.

This brings me on nicely to Astronomy, I suppose the ultimate ability to view an event which happened at some point in the past, sometimes the very distant past with incomprehensible time spans.
Again, Astronomy is a subject I have had an interest in since I can remember, anything Space I suppose but this is achievable for me although it is only very recently that I have been photographing the night sky as I have not up until now had the time or funds to properly spend on it.
At the time of writing this I still do not own or have ever owned a telescope but I am hoping that will change shortly.
It did change, I got myself a Celestron CPC925 and I am extremely happy with it and to have finally made the leap.

Technology is another of my passions, whether it be coding a website, computer application or building/converting something to make it more useful.

This site is being updated at regular intervals, time permitting, so please keep coming back and checking it out.

You can keep up with my exploits via my social media, see the links in the page footer.